Benefits of Ozone for Commercial Laundering

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Three Primary Benefits of Ozone are:

1. Economic Savings,
2. Positive Environmental Impacts of laundry wastewater discharges, and
3. Rapid Elimination (kills/inactivations) of Microbiological Organisms, including the “superbugs”, MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphlyococcus aureus) and Clostridium difficil

Economic Benefits

  • Ozone requires cold water for effective performance, and therefore saves 86% to 90% of the energy required by traditional (conventional) thermal laundering. Using ozone lowers the amounts of chemicals required by about 21%. Labor costs are lowered by 39%. Fabric life is extended (because of fewer rinses being required)
  • Annual cost savings allow Returns On Investment between 7.7 and 17.4 months, depending on equipment size.

Environmental Benefits

  • Using ozone decreases the use of chemicals. Therefore, fewer chemicals are discharged; fewer chemicals are stored; thus providing more safety for staff.
  • Ozone “preoxidizes” some organics prior to discharge, making them more biodegradable when discharged
  • Ozone adds oxygen to wastewaters, deodorizes, and lowers COD levels in wash and final rinse water.
  • The UK’s Water Research Centre (WRc-NSF) studied ozone-treated laundry wastewaters and concluded that it is not only safe but actually beneficial to discharge them to the environment. The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Dept. also has confirmed that it is safe to discharge ozone-treated laundry wastewaters to the environment.

Microbiological Benefits

  • Ozone laundering eradicates MRSA, Clostridium difficile and other laundry-associated bacteria and viruses in less than 6 minutes.
  • Ozone laundering has been proven to be much more effective than conventional thermal laundering.


Commercial laundering with ozone results in significant cost savings over conventional laundering, environmentally beneficial wastewater discharges, and provides degrees of microorganism kills and inactivation that cannot be attained by conventional laundering. These facts are now beginning to be recognized, and the worldwide market for ozone laundering is expected to grow significantly and rapidly over the next decade.

Now is the time for prudent laundry firms to plan to participate in this revolutionary new approach to more economic, microbiologically and environmentally safer laundry technique.

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