Which Version Drive Board Do I Have and When Should I Upgrade?

Over the last few years we’ve upgraded and enhanced the drive system (this is the drive board and high output transformer assembly) in some of our higher output ozone generators. When it comes time to replace a drive board or transformer, these version changes do make it more complicated to get the correct component, as the drive board needs to be used with its intended transformer.

If the pictured transformers do not match what is in your ozone generator, there’s no need to read on as it this does not apply to your ozone generator.

What are my options?

When replacing a component of a drive system there are two options: Order the correct version component (if available), or upgrade to the current revision.

To find out what version components you require for your drive system, compare the high output transformers pictured below to the transformer(s) in the ozone generator.

Pictured below is the current transformer, the HVT275.

HVT275 Transformer

Replacement transformers are available; the part number is HVT275SA. Replacement drive boards are available for this transformer; the part number is CCA1231SA.

This is the HVT250, sometimes listed as the HVT255, transformer.

HVT250/255 Transformer

If you require a replacement transformer of this type, unfortunately, it is no longer available. You will need to install a drive upgrade kit, listed below (see Upgrading section).
Drive boards for this version transformer are available; the part number is ELPC5215SA.

Pictured below is the HVT200 transformer.

HVT200 Transformer

If you require a replacement transformer of this type, unfortunately, it is also no longer available. You will need to install an upgrade kit, listed below (see Upgrading section).
If you require a replacement drive board for this transformer, a compatibility test will have to be performed:

Follow these steps

  • Scrape away a small portion of the black paint on any side other than the top (the top has the five connection points). The underside of the transformer is recommended.
  • If the material under the black paint is aluminum, the drive board compatible with this transformer is no longer available, install a drive upgrade kit, listed below(see Upgrading section).
  • If the material is copper, you can order a replacement board.

The part number for a replacement drive board for the HVT200 (copper) is ELPC5210SA.

Here is a sample photo of the underside of a HVT200 transformer that displays copper. Your transformer’s color should be easily identifiable like this example.

HVT200 Transformer (underside)

HVT200 Transformer (underside copper exposed)


Upgrading the drive system is only necessary if you require a replacement transformer. If you require a replacement drive board because of the usual heat, age, and environmental issues, these boards are still available. Consider upgrading to the current drive system if you are replacing an older drive board, the price is comparable.

Upgrade kits are sorted by model number of the ozone generator. The kits include the current transformer and drive board system, hardware specific to the generator, and installation instructions. For dual drive systems, you have the option of upgrading just one half of the drives, or the complete drive system.

Model CD2000 & CD2000P (These systems have two drive systems)

Upgrade kit for single drive: HVT204SA
Upgrade kit for both drives: DRM60SA

Model CD1500 & CD1500P (A15e)

Upgrade kit for drive system: HVT205SA

Important: If your power supply is of an older version, it will also need to be upgraded in order for the current drive system to operate properly.

Pictured is the current version power supply.

PSR822 Power Supply

PSR822 Power Supply

If the installed power supply differs in type and/or location in the ozone generator, order the power supply upgrade kit.
Upgrade kit for power supply: PSR1500SA

Model CD15/AD

Upgrade kit for drive system: HVT206SA

All other generator models have the drive system mount directly to the reaction chamber. These models include: SC27P, Mobile Wash Carts, and the HO and P versions of cabinets (example: CD8000P and CD12000HO)
Upgrade kit for single drive system: HVT207SA

Note: When installing the upgrade kit, new holes will have to be drilled into the heat sink to mount all four corners. Installing only using two points is an option, assuming you are not shipping the system.

To purchase any of the available parts above please contact ClearWater Tech’s Service Department at 1-805-546-2302 or visit our website (link below) to find a dealer near you:

ClearWater Tech’s Dealer Page