What is the importance of the Vacuum Break?

What is a “Vacuum Break”?

A vacuum break is a device that provides a positive atmospheric “break” between an ozone generator and an ozone injector manifold, preventing water from siphoning back into the ozone generator should the venturi check valve fail. Vacuum breaks have several other names, such as Gravity Break and J-Break.

Vacuum Break

Reasons for use?

The main reason for a vacuum break is for water back flow prevention, however, this also acts as an interrupt that protects your check valves from

Vacuum break placement

Vacuum break placement

Nictric Acid buildup in your check valves. Nitric Acid buildup is usually caused by lack of annual maintenance.

How it works:

Under normal operating conditions, the vacuum break’s flapper valve is closed, allowing the vacuum created by the venturi to draw the output gas from the ozone generator.

If the check valve at the venturi begins to leak or fails completely, vacuum is interrupted and water will flow toward the ozone generator. With the vacuum break properly installed between the venturi and the ozone generator, the water will flow down the riser tube (away from the ozone generator) and out the drain port, protecting the ozone generator from potential water damage.

Vacuum breaks are placed in-line between the ozone generator and the venturi injector (see photo at right).

For more information on which vacuum break is right for you, check out our Vacuum Break page, or contact ClearWater Tech’s Sales Department at: 1-805-546-2301.