Improved Service Tool Kit

To get the job done right, you need the right tools. ClearWater Tech has just released an upgraded version of their specialty tool kit to aid their customers in their annual maintenance procedures. This kit contains all the tools necessary to repair any product that ClearWater Tech makes.

Highlights of the new kit

  • Better O-ring pick removal tool for finer control
  • Simple to use MTA punch down tool
  • 1″ O-ring installation tool to make installing tight o-rings fast and effortless
  • Ozone leak test kit to help you find a leak fast
  • Miscellaneous parts kit, including many hard to find connectors

To view the complete list of parts, you can download the PDF here: Service Tool Kit (full list)

Service Tool Kit Box

ClearWater Tech’s Service Tool Kit

Contact ClearWater Tech’s Service Department for more details. Call 1-800-262-0203 or visit their website: