Rebates & Incentives – More Advantages of Using Ozone Laundry Systems

Residential Laundry Rebates

Laundry is a DIRTY WORD around most households, but inevitable. Everyone has to do it and like most large families, we wash between 7 to 10 loads of laundry a week. Ugh. We were spending to much TIME and MONEY on our water and gas bill, let alone time spent in the laundry room! So my husband and I hunkered down and replaced our old top loader systems with an ENERGY STAR front loading washer and dryer.

I still hate doing laundry, but love knowing how much time and money we’re saving. First of all, they are stackable so they leave very little footprint. They require less water, hold larger loads and save energy in reduced water heating. We also wash fewer loads – so more time for fun stuff. To top it off, our local gas company sent us a rebate check for $200. Very nice.

Commercial Laundry Rebates with Ozone Laundry Applications

Commercial laundry applications have now joined the list of energy efficient technologies eligible for rebates and incentives. When you install an ozone laundry system you not only reap the energy efficient benefits and money savings, but your business can qualify for a rebate. Read more of this post


Dealers… every bit as important

Every professional knows that when it comes to building your business and increasing your sales nothing is more important than developing positive relationships with your customers. This is an important strategy, and every business should strive to engage their customers on a personal level and genuinely make sure their needs are met with a smile. However, there is a group of people who are often overlooked and need the same one-on-one relationships, the same positive feedback, the same feeling of being a part of a family… and who are these important people? You guessed it, they’re your valued dealers and distributors.

These men and women are every bit as important to your growth as your customers are, and let’s face it, without them, it would be tremendously difficult to move product and spread the word about your services. Help them help you by making sure they are happy, comfortable and well educated on your products. The more information and selling points they have on your product or services, the more confidence they will have, which in turn, results in more sales overall. Creating and hosting a dealers conference is a great way to get everyone together for a meet and greet and build that camaraderie. This is also a great reminder to your dealers that they have a strong support network, which is something often forgotten when they’re hitting the pavement and trying to bring in sales. Even a short pow-wow can go a long way.

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